Booklet Printing

Booklet printing is a great way to share information about your business with potential and current customers. Businesses tend to prefer booklets when they have more detailed information that they’d like to share, such as their company history, their full range of services and products, and how these products or services are beneficial to their customers. Booklet printing is also a great option for company meetings. Instead of distributing copies that are hurriedly put together, businesses find that presenting figures, statistics, or any other relevant matter in an organized booklet form is not only professional, but also beneficial to those interested parties.

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  • Glossy, Aqueous or Uncoated
  • 100lb Gloss Cover, Gloss Book or Dull
  • Sleek Saddle-Stitched
  • Custom Booklet Printing Available


Booklet printing in Los Angeles is a great resource for advertising and marketing your products & services. Our Los Angeles printing company offers many sizes and coating options for all booklet printing needs. With durable & affordable Los Angeles booklet printing, your source of marketing is now more efficient than ever. By offering affordable prices for all booklet printing services in the Los Angeles area, we believe that free shipping and free file preparation is a necessity that comes as an advantage to the buyer. Our Los Angeles booklet printing company will be sure to print your booklets in high resolution and full color so your booklet stands out amongst the rest!

Because every business is unique and has different needs for booklet printing, our Los Angeles printing company offers a wide array of options for customizing your booklet. Booklets are securely put together using saddle-stitched method and are available in four convenient sizes: 8” x 9,” 8.5” x 5.5,” 8.5” x 11,” and 8.5” x 22.” So whether you’re looking for a standard letter-size booklet or you’d like to display those panorama shots of your business on a wider landscape; the choice is up to you.

Other standard booklet printing options include paper stock and coating options. For paper stock, our Los Angeles printing company offers 100lb gloss cover, which is a thicker premium paper stock made from 30% recyclable paper and is a more colorful and sleek option, or the 100lb gloss book, which is provides a thinner premium paper stock that is coated for maximum quality and uses soy based inks.

Our Los Angeles printing company offers two options for booklet coating. Our UV coating is laminate bonded and cured with Ultraviolet Light. It offers a protective gloss, which is not only water resistant but also an attractive option for businesses who utilize booklet printing for marketing purposes. Aqueous coating provides a slight gloss for a sleek finish. And if your business isn’t interested in any coating options, our Los Angeles printing company can also provide booklet printing without coating.

Our Los Angeles booklet printing company will be more than happy to offer strategic strategies on how booklets can help your business. We believe that a well designed and printed booklet in the Los Angeles area can evolve your business with brand awareness. Offering so many printing options, our Los Angeles booklet printing services let the user establish a closer relationship with the customer, which an internet advertisement can’t do.

Did you know that booklets have a 34% ROI which is a large amount considering the economy? Our Los Angeles printing company can design and print a well rounded booklet that will deliver brand awareness, quality and customer assurance for your business. Printing has evolved into much more that just advertising, it’s a way to get closer to your customers and let them know exactly what you’re offering. By printing booklets you will be able to offer much more information than you would with business cards or flyers. With our affordable Los Angeles booklet printing services, we are 100% sure we can bring customers closer in a way that you can’t even imagine!

Designing your own artwork? Use our booklet template for exact measurements!

Booklet Printing

Sizes Available
8 x 9
8.5 x 11
8.5 x 22
8.5 x 5.5
Coating Options
UV Gloss
No Coating
Paper Types
100lb Gloss Cover
100lb Gloss Book