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Booklet template? Placing your booklet printing order with our printing company is easier than ever when you use our free booklet template. By utilizing a booklet template, you’ll have more time to focus on your booklet’s design and content, without having to worry about the technical specifications! All you have to do is follow the guidelines provided on each page!


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Our free and easy-to-use booklet template is great for any size booklet printing order you need to make. Whether you’re ordering an 8.5” x 11” booklet with 30 pages or one of the same size booklets with 75 pages, you can still design your booklet using our free booklet template. And don’t worry, no matter what size your booklet is you can always count on our printing company to provide you with professional and durable results. Your booklet will be stitched together with the reliable and sturdy saddle-stitch method and your designs will always be printed on premium paper stock and in full color and high resolution.

Some important terms to understand when using a booklet template are: bleed, safety, and trim line. In the printing industry bleed refers to the area that is going to be trimmed off. Standard bleed allowance is 1/8 (0.125”) on each side of your pages. The safety line refers to the blue line in the template. Everything within the blue lines is safe from being cut. This is where you would put all the text and images that you want to ensure do not get cut in any way, unlike the background colors or images, which may extend into the bleed area. The trim line or cut line is where your finished product will be cut, which is determined by the size you ordered.

There are some other items to note before you get started to work with the free booklet template. First, you must ensure that all of your art files have a resolution of at least 300dpi and that full color images are saved in the CYMK color mode. This is highly important since a lower resolution will result in a low quality printed image, and files not submitted in CYMK color mode will face some color distortion since all files are converted to CYMK for printing. Text, and other strictly black and white images, should be submitted in grayscale. We also ask that you don’t use small or narrow fonts (anything smaller than 8pts) since these fonts may not be legible when printed against certain backgrounds.

Our printing company is committed to providing you with an easy, reliable, affordable, and professional printing experience. We want you to enjoy designing and creating your items, which is why we offer you a free booklet template. We also offer free file preparation, which means we’ll double check your files to make sure everything gets printed exactly as you wanted it to. If you have any questions or concerns about our free templates or any of our affordable and high quality printing services, please do not hesitate to give us a call! We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service; our goal is total customer satisfaction.

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Template Sizes Available
8.5 x 11
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