Brochure Printing

Brochure printing is an effective and affordable way to market your business. Businesses utilize brochure printing for a variety of purposes.  For example, new businesses may choose to print brochures to establish their credibility and inform the public of who they are and what kind of services they offer. Other businesses may choose brochure printing to focus on a specific product or service they believe their customers might be interested in. Some businesses may even include special discounts or offers within their brochures that customers can mention or bring in to redeem.

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  • Effective For Promotional or informative Usage
  • Available in A Variety of Paper Stocks
  • Available With Different Folding Options
  • Custom Brochure Printing Available


Our Los Angeles printing company offers full color brochure printing services with a variety of options. From different coating options to a large variety of sizes, our Los Angeles brochure printing services can serve any size and type business with our affordable pricing and creative perspectives. If your business needs a great marketing tool to promote your products and services then brochures can really do the trick. Our Los Angeles brochure printing company can print your brochures with fast turn-around times, outstanding quality, affordable pricing and great customer service. We also offer free shipping on any order nationwide.

Brochure printing is not a one-size fits all option. Brochures can be customized in almost any way imaginable; the choice is up to you. Our Los Angeles printing company understands that businesses need options to stand out, especially in today’s competitive market. That’s why we offer a wide array of options for your brochure printing. Our brochures are available in sizes anywhere from 4” x 6” to 12” x 18.” And if you prefer a coating option, you can choose from either aqueous or UV gloss.

Other standard brochure printing options include paper stock and fold type. For paper stock, our Los Angeles printing company offers 100lb gloss cover, 100lb gloss book, and 70lb premium opaque. Nowadays you’re no longer confined to the tri-fold brochure. Our Los Angeles printing company can have your brochures folded any which way you’d like them, including: tri-fold, half-fold, roll fold, half-fold then tri-fold, z-fold, single open gate fold, double open gate fold, parallel fold, accordion fold, and half tri-fold. All of these brochure printing options are available to you, whether you need a standard tri-fold brochure or you’d like to display a large map or photo within a half-fold then tri-fold brochure.

Want to add some great graphics to your brochure printing order? Not all businesses have the time or know how to design a brochure just the way they envision it. Our Los Angeles printing company has you covered. Our team of design experts can make your brochure printing ideas a reality.

Los Angeles brochure printing is hard to find when looking for affordable pricing. Our Los Angeles printing company offers our brochure printing services with a variety of options so the customer always gets what they want. We have dedicated our time to make sure our Los Angeles printing company can take on any brochure printing order no matter what the specs are. In the past decade brochure printing has become very popular for marketing businesses and organizations across the world. Our Los Angeles brochure printing services will be sure to cater to all your needs with affordable pricing and friendly customer service.

With our dedication to brochure printing in Los Angeles, we strive to get our customers cheap pricing with quality brochures. Offering a variety of folding options as well, our Los Angeles brochure printing just has it all. From quality brochures to affordable brochures, The Printing Corp. is right for any business.

Designing your own artwork? Use our brochure template for exact measurements!


Sizes Available
4 x 6
4 x 11
4.25 x 11
5.5 x 17
8 x 9
8 x 10
8.5 x 3.667
8.5 x 4
8.5 x 5.5
8.5 x 7
8.5 x 7.5
8.5 x 11
8.5 x 14
9 x 12
9 x 16
11 x 17
11 x 25.5
11.5 x 17.5
12 x 18
17 x 22
Coating Options
UV Gloss
No Coating
Paper Types
100lb Gloss Cover
100lb Gloss Book
70lb Premium Opaque
Folding Options
Half Fold
Single Open Gate Fold
Accordian Fold
Roll Fold
Double Open Gate Fold
Half Tri-Fold
Half Fold Then Tri-Fold