Notepad Printing

Notepad printing in Los Angeles is both useful and effective when advertising your business. In businesses and households all over the world, people are taking notes; make sure they’re taking them on your company’s advertising product! Our Los Angeles notepad printing company can print your custom notepad with virtually any design you can think of. Include your company name, contact information, logo, slogan, and more. Your product is a reflection of your brand and your business.

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  • Available in 25 or 50 Sheets
  • Standard Chipboard Backer on All Notepads
  • Available in Linen Paperstock
  • Available in Standard or Custom Sizes


There are a wide variety of reasons why people use our notepad printing company. Doctors, for instance, use them to write you a prescription. When you hand your prescription to the pharmacist, he is able to confirm the validity of the prescription by contacting the doctor from the information provided on his customized notepad. This is just one small way in which this great product helps the doctor establishes his credibility. In other industries, employees will often use this product to jot down information at meetings or conventions. A secretary or receptionist might keep one on hand to take messages, record minutes, or organize a schedule. Even the everyday person will find notepad printing useful! Haven’t you ever experienced a time when you had to make a “to-do” or grocery list and had to scramble for a piece of paper?

With all the possible people who will get use out of your product, it’s inevitable that your company will be noticed. The very same person who uses your product will face constant exposure to your company name and information, until they reach the last page. If they use their notepad printing in a meeting or keep it somewhere visible, like a front desk, you will also benefit from other people seeing your company information. With so much exposure, it’s no wonder why so many businesses choose to print notepads. If you want to optimize your business’s branding, our Los Angeles notepad printing services can provide you with a high quality, fully customizable, product that you and your customers are sure to love.

Our Los Angeles notepad printing company has many options available for printing your custom products! Our notepad printing feature the standard chipboard backing and are available in standard and custom sizes. That’s right; you can order anything from the smaller 4” x 6” pad to the larger 8.5” x 11” pad. Maybe you only want to include your company name or maybe you’d like to include all your company information. Whatever it is, we give you the flexibility to choose a size that fits your needs.

Are you looking for notepad printing with 25 or 50 sheets? What kind of paper would you like to choose? At our Los Angeles notepad printing company, we offer you the choice of our 70lb premium opaque paper, which is an uncoated, soy-ink based, thin premium paper stock or our 70lb linen uncoated paper. This paper is also uncoated, and soy-ink based, but is a thin premium linen stock. These are just a couple of the choices you have available to you when you choose to have your products printed by our Los Angeles notepad printing company.

The next time you’re thinking of providing your customers with great promotional products, make sure custom printed notepads makes the cut. These are especially great when you’re providing them to customers who are attending your company events, since they will be able to use them to take down relevant and important information about your product or service offerings. Adding a pen, and a company brochure, makes for a great package that ensures your customers are actively participating in your company’s discussion.

Our Los Angeles notepad printing company not only prints your notepads in full color and high resolution, but we also offer free shipping and free file preparation on all orders!  We like to provide these free services to you because we value your business. We also offer great graphic design services for customers who are looking for some direction as to what they should print on their custom product. Call us now to request a free quote and order your affordable, custom printed products today!

Designing your own artwork? Use our notepad template for exact measurements!


Sizes Available
4 x 6
4.25 x 5.5
8.5 x 3.5
8.5 x 5.5
8.5 x 11
Coating Options
No Coating
Paper Types
70lb Premium Opaque
70lb Linen Uncoated
Sheet Options
25 Sheet
50 Sheet