Plastic Card Printing

Plastic card printing in Los Angeles is a great alternative to traditional card stock business cards. They offer durability that is unmatched by any paper option. They won’t wrinkle or dissolve when exposed to the elements, and they’re tougher to bend, break, or crease. Because of their durability, current and potential customers are more likely to keep these cards. After all, there’s no reason to throw out a perfectly informative card, if it still looks as good as the day you received it!

Plastic Cards from $254.55 $159.00 – Today Only

  • Available in Frosted, White or Clear Plastic
  • Printed in 20 Point Plastic
  • Available With Rounded Corners
  • Available in Standard or Custom Sizes


Plastic card printing is also a great option for anyone who works outdoors or is in any industry where their business card is more likely to suffer water or stain damages. For example, an auto repair shop, lawn care business or an on-location boating tours company might prefer this option since paper business cards would be at greater risk for ruin upon handling on site. Don’t let your business cards get thrown in the trash because they’re no longer legible. Choose plastic and keep your company’s information in your customer’s pocket. Plastic card printing in Los Angeles is a creative and distinctive way of marketing your business. While this product is excellent for creating a professional and polished first impression with customers, this product is also great for other uses! Our Los Angeles plastic card printing company can print anything you’d like on your plastic cards. So whether you’d like to sneak in a “Thanks” into your customer’s product purchase bags or you’d like to print durable discount cards that customers can bring in to your shop to redeem, the choice is up to you!
Our Los Angeles plastic card printing company will always provide you with the highest quality products. Our plastic card printing company prints in full color and in high resolution. Compared with any other full color, high resolution paper business card, you’ll notice that the colors in this premium product are especially bright and vibrant. That’s because colors have a tendency to show up better on plastic than they do on paper. We like to offer our Los Angeles customers as many choices as possible, so you can stand above your competition! Your products are always fully customizable to suit your business’s needs. That’s why we offer this great product in a variety of standard and custom sizes, as well as in 20pt frosted, white, or clear plastic options. You also have the choice of choosing between rounded or square corners. We also offer great graphic design services at affordable rates for all of our printed products. Our graphic designers can help you get those great ideas out of your head and onto your customized product quickly, and just as you envisioned them.
For the most affordable price in Los Angeles, order your custom printed products from our Los Angeles printing company. We have the best prices in town, without sacrificing personal attention and quality customer service. As a service to you, you can always count on us to provide you with free file preparation and free shipping. We also offer one of the fastest turnaround times, so you don’t have to wait weeks to receive your custom order. Why order standard business cards when you can order custom plastic business cards? Call our Los Angeles plastic card printing company today and ask for a free quote. Let us help you stand out from the crowd with professionally printed marketing materials.
Designing your own artwork? Use our plastic card template for exact measurements!


Sizes Available
2 x 3.5
4.125 x 6
Coating Options
No Coating
Plastic Types
White Plastic
Clear Plastic
Frosted Plastic
Corner Options